No FoOol

Who are we?

No FoOol is an organisation for powerful and effective Communication Coaching & Training. Founded and directed by qualified communication expert, Annette Yashpon, we are based in Berlin, Germany and European at heart. We work with you in English, making the skills you learn transferable to your country’s role and challenges.

Who do we work with?

We specialise in supporting down to earth individuals and independent thinkers, especially women, who choOose to be more influential in their communication. You are often a leader and mostly determined to make a difference, but don't want to have to sacrifice your personality or values while doing so. You want to impress and get phenomenal results while remaining true to who you are! We support you in developing more mindful communication as the key to making the impact you really want among your peers, superiors, clients and team, no matter what life throws at you.

Our client focus is also on start-ups and companies embodying independent-thinking individuals.

Why doesn't standard training work?

Maybe you’ve also felt overwhelmed by standard training programmes which tell you umpteen things you need to do and remember and numerous techniques to act on simultaneously? And no wonder. This conventional ‘external’ method of learning simply can’t be truly authentic, constructive, memorable or indeed successful. Especially not when you’re about to talk in an important presentation or to an influential client and the adrenalin’s rushing, preventing almost any re-call at all!

Let me give you an example.

If your charisma trainer tells you that in order to be successful in your communication you must:

“stand up straight with your chest out, stop moving your feet so much, turn your fear into fuel, lighten up, smile, connect with your audience, lower your pitch, project your voice, talk slower with pauses, stop using filler words… (!)…

…will you now be able to communicate with charisma in a high-pressure situation in a confident and authentic manner with high impact and peak gain and a communication style unique to you?

The chances are - no!

This is because, in short (1) your unique personality hasn't been integrated into the training process and (2) in being ‘told’ what to do, your power to make choices and so reveal your full communication potential has been taken away from you!

And this is why we do things differently here at No FoOol Communication.

What do we do that’s different?

Rather than imposing a set of external, abstract communication techniques and rules onto the client, so from the outside-inwards, we work from-the-inside-outwards: we start with YOU, your exclusive identity and your essential values as an individual. With High Performance communication COACHING we discover your unique communication ‘Inspirational Goal’ and find out what you need in order to attain your utmost communication potential. Guiding you forwards, we unlock THE REAL YOU.

We then look to maximise your findings. High Performance communication TRAINING follows intuitively and focuses on Mindful Communication strategies and skills in regard to your VOICE, MIND and BODY. The Mind is central in connecting the ‘real you’ with the adjoining Voice and Body skills - as symbolised by the three “oOo”s in No FoOol.

This logical and inherent approach allows the communication training skills to be modelled specifically for you. The bespoke training is both truly effective and really sticks, and you’ll find yourself branding your own unique communication style. Your results evolve at a superior exponential level and are positively authentic, deep-rooted and longstanding. It is in this way that the training can then be used instinctively and powerfully when needing to call upon techniques in a possibly stressful situation.

True leadership and ‘power’ is when we become free of constraints. We stand out from the flock and trust who we are. And this is exactly the confidence we then communicate to those around us.

So no more semi-successful middle-of-the-road communication training programmes with the illogical learning of rules of how to speak and behave... only a fool would do that!

By the way, High Performance simply refers to the fact that we don't beat about the bush - we want you to experience tremendous results as soon as possible, so challenge you accordingly and also pack a lot into your sessions. So this isn't coaching and training for those who are out for a cushy ride!

What are the results?

  • So you unlocked who you really are in bespoke personal Communication Coaching and the Communication Training became an intrinsic part of who you are and thus truly effective.
  • You learned how to use the REAL YOU beneficially and with true purpose to make a tangible difference in your communication and achievements in all areas of your life.
  • You can now communicate in the most powerful way possible, impress and get results while remaining true to who you are.
  • You are able to stand out from the flock and have achieved your own distinctive and functional communication style and presentation skills.
  • You communicate with passion and your own true purpose for high impact and peak gain longterm.
  • You have attained greater connection, confidence, influence and the esteem and benefit you deserve, both in your work and private life.

What are our ideals?

  • having goOod-energy and caring work collaborations
  • being down-to-earth, fun and accessible whilst truly getting results for our clients
  • moving away from convention and ‘how everybody does it’ to create a liberating and inspiring approach that truly works
  • knowing that no one-method-fits-all: everyone is wonderful and unique and this is what we work with
  • knowing that gain withOUT pain IS possible AND advisable - if you have the fitting mindset and methods
  • understanding how ‘success’ can be something authentic
  • being as environmentally-friendly as is practically possible

The No FoOol Story

Founder and Director
Annette Yashpon
Up until four years ago, I spent my whole life running. Running towards more! More achievement, more success, more money, more happiness, the perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect relationship…

Since a child I had been involved in the limelight thanks to opportunity, hard work and presumably a bit of talent. As a working adult I got boOoked internationally as a Master of Ceremonies for events, was the voice for reputable companies’ advertising, composed, produced and performed my own piano and vocal CDs… To the world around me I was pretty outstanding. But to me it just never seemed enough.

I had to totally crash before I saw the light: an addiction; a burnout; a mid-life crisis. Utterly exhausted, I started asking myself what I was actually doing and how much longer I was going to ‘race’ towards bigger and better? Until my life was over?

Jolted in my so-called ‘meaning of life’ I was also fed up of everything always revolving around me. Getting a totally distraught and needy dog might seem like a weird turn-around for some, but suddenly there was a welcome and distracting shift in my energy and attention.

Only this helpless doggie was no foOol — Ebony mirrored my frustrations and behaved in an increasingly confrontational manner the more I tried to get her to behave. Our relationship was a catastrophe.

I reached out to just about anyone, forgetting to ‘listen’ to my own communication. As Oprah Winfrey so astutely once said:
Often we don’t even realize who we’re meant to be because we’re so busy trying to live out someone else’s ideas.
And then a friend of a friend managed to trigger that crucial inner journey. She suggested for me to use only non-verbal communication with my dog for a whole week. And then a week of only whispered commands. I realise this sounds a tad spiritual, but this magically helped me to stop, breathe, listen, observe, perceive, zone into the perfection of the ‘Now’ and stimulate a new mindset. I became more content and was no longer ‘out of breath’. I started to get through to my dog, our communication reaching a whole new level. Respect and mutual trust grew. Ironically Ebony had become the best bespoke personal communication coach I could ever have wished for.

And the funny thing is, people around me started leaning in toOo, for inspiration and advice. Up until then I had used my voice, mind and body communication savvy to optimise my performances. Now it seemed I was no longer just a stage personality but also approachable as a person and able to create success stories in others. I helped others reveal their true selves, feel ‘enough’ with real purpose, and communicate in a way spreading joy, creating impact and reaping gain. This brought me so much awareness, reward and the realisation:
I still enjoy being on the stage but coaching and training is where my heart sings. Now let’s get your journey on the road!
  • It’s when we stop running and listen that we find we can get further!
  • You can only discover new continents if you first dare lose sight of the shore!
  • If you don’t take a chance, you don’t stand a chance
  • Honest and open communication today, secures dedication and loyalty tomorrow
  • It’s your voice, mind and body that create this world!

Our team

Annette Yashpon

Founder, Director, Coach and Trainer

A Yorkshire lass - for those in the dark, that’s in the North of England! - based in Berlin, Annette believes that every decade brings new challenges and new growth from which we may benefit.

After 10 demanding years in the film business she steered her energies for the consequent 10 years to her communication skills and the event industry. Specialising as a trilingual Master of Ceremonies and pianist for companies worldwide, as well as reaching out as a communication artist in her own right with spoken voice work, singing and composing, her audiences extended to as many as 10 000 (SAP Arena, Mannheim, Germany) and her host countries as far as Dubai, Singapore and the U.S.

Annette’s ‘third decade’ brought about the founding and directing of No FoOol Communication. As a qualified communication expert, the time had come to pass on her well-attained and proven Voice, Mind and Body communication knowledge and now, in turn, help others grow and prosper.

Alongside her work as a No FoOol bespoke personal Communication Coach and Trainer, she is responsible for the inspiration and innovation of the company, as well as its organisation, No FoOol Camp planning and recruiting.

Annette's growing No FoOol client base, reaching over the globe, includes Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands,  Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the U.S., Canada, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, the UAE and Singapore. 


  • Languages: mother tongue English (British), fluent German and French
  • Combined BA Honours Degree in French and German from the University of Birmingham, England
  • Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music piano training and Grade 8 final exam with ‘excellence’
  • 10 years in the film business: screenwriting and film directing
  • 15 years professional experience in the communication business:
    event Master of Ceremonies & TV presenter, singer, pianist, composer, voice artist, vocal and body language presentation coach & trainer
    References and further information: yashpon.com


Co-founder and Public Relations Manager

Ebony is a Cretan Hound mix and has been with No FoOol Communication right from the start, having greatly contributed to its overall concept - as many leaders know, animals, like children, often mirror behavioural patters which we can learn from. In this way, a dog has many benefits in Coaching and Training processes.
A trained service dog with qualifications to her name, she is also a talented Advanced Agility sport competitor. Well travelled around numerous European countries she has become astute to all kinds of cultures and people - a further asset we draw on here at No FoOol Communication.

  • Exploration around Europe: Czech, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria
  • Numerous medals in European Agility, Advanced class A3 Large
  • Qualification as a Service Dog

Corinne Wilhelm

Marketing Manager, Coach and Trainer

Having started out in the world in Devon, Southern England and ending up - for now! - in Berlin, Corinne is Annette’s No FoOol Communication official ‘Partner in Crime’ contributing hugely to the innovation, growth and organisation.

A marketing expert and talented wordsmith, her background extends from marketing know-how throughout Europe to supporting managers in communicating more convincingly, not only in English but also often in their own mother tongue.

She developed LANGUAGE ENERGY, an element of the No FoOol Communication modules, which is a first-rate combination of outdoOor and online training. Thanks to clever corporate communication in English she shows her clients how to make a better impression and get the wished-for results!

  • Languages: mother tongue English (British), fluent German, basic knowledge Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish.
  • BA Honours degree in Business Studies, Hull, England
  • Financial and technical services in corporate marketing & communications throughout Europe
  • Byte Sized English: owner, coach and Clever2gether podcast host: Communication & Intercultural Awareness
  • Walking and the outdoOors, cooking and wine

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