Why a No FoOol Camp?

You’re a professional individual or part of a team and looking to really focus and achieve more. To do that the mind often supports you better if you get away from your desk and usual surroundings.

We carefully select our No FoOol Camp venues, choosing inspiring locations across Europe. You’ll have two and a half action-packed days of guided experiential discovery and learning, including plenty of fresh air, exercise, and healthy yet delicious food and drink. We help you discover and unlock your true communication potential. So let’s get you closer to your most ambitious goals!

We can put together specially tailoured packages for our corporate clients:
  • When your team is a little bit out of sync, then executive communication training or targeted communication training for leaders can be your team building lifeline
  • Or go bespoke: we’ll put together an effective communication seminar with industry specific workshops and training, completely in line with your company’s agenda
  • You might even like to use an end-of-year No FoOol Camp to let your team really pull together and plan next year’s strategy with out-of-office inspiration

Our hands-on communication training courses appeal to forward thinking organisations who demand communication training content that is not only knowledge building but raises awareness too. Having learned these communication strategies together, your team can go on to support each other back at the office.

executive speech training / language training

Be more influential!

body language training

There’s more than meets the eye body!

presentation training / performance training

Learn to really impress!

rhetoric training / public speaking training / speaker training

Get that message across!
Our approach focuses on how you can mindfully maximise your Voice, Mind and Body more effectively. This will increase your impact and influence on others and also reveal your very best self.

Find out more about our approach and our Voice-Mind-Body Concept.

Our working language is English, focusing exclusively on a maximum of 15-20 international participants, so that our experienced communication team can ensure a professional yet personal approach.

In our typical British manner we guide our participants with humour and oOomph which comes across, we feel, as rather refreshing, compared to your more standard communication camp and communication seminar. We make your experience highly memorable but also bring out the very best in you!

Upcoming Dates

The No FoOol SPRING Camp

Date: April 2024. Exact date still to be announced
Theme: “The Real You”
Your Coach/Trainers: Annette Yashpon & Corinne Wilhelm
Location: Berlin/Brandenburg, Germany. Exact location still to be confirmed
Price: still to be announced (20% Early Bird reduction or voucher possible)
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    So what's included?

    • Your very own personal strategic session where we pick out modules specially for you from a ‘menu’ of choices
    • Two and a half days of interactive and experiential communication growth
    • Guided coaching and training sessions by enthusiastic and caring top-notch professionals
    • All Voice, Mind and Body coaching and training modules
    • 24 hour access to communal work and lounging space
    • 24 hour access of the location’s gardens and natural surroundings
    • Joint cooking ventures including eating the result!
    • All meals - for the most part organic & vegetarian but also animals from humane rearing and sustainable farming
    • All soft drinks/coffee/tea provided
    • Aesthetic and inspiring accommodation for 2 nights
    • Friendly and helpful real-time assistance by the No FoOol team as well as the location staff

    What's not included?

    • Extra foOod or drinks not in the program
    • Extra wishes/requests not included in the programme
    • Transport to and from the location

    Frequently asked questions

    FAQs Camps

    1What does a No FoOol Camp look like?
    It is an intense, systematic, guided and hands-on learning journey with challenging Voice, Mind and Body coaching and training modules.
    Each participant’s programme will differ slightly within the course as it is crafted to help you unlock your best self and achieve your true potential.
    2What might a typical No FoOol Camp agenda look like?


    2:00pmArrive at location. Meet & Greet
    2:30-3:30In at the deep end!... test your communication skills
    3:30-5:00Afternoon tea with a difference / Strategic sessions for each individual
    5:00-6:00Designated module coaching session
    6:00-7:00Freshen up/‘digest’/relax
    7:00Mindful eating dinner together, recap and looking ahead


    8:00-8:45‘Mindful movement and thought’
    8:45–10:00Free time and breakfast
    10:00-10:45Training/Coaching modules as per individual’s plan
    11:00-11:45Training/Coaching modules as per individual’s plan
    12:00-12:45Training/Coaching modules as per individual’s plan
    2:30-3:30Let’s talk, think, MOVE! - outdoOor activity
    3:30-5:00Afternoon tea with a difference / Strategic keep-on-track session
    5:00-6:00Team Training/Coaching module
    6:00-7:00Free time
    7:00‘Let's prepare dinner together mindfully!’
    8:30After dinner lounging, drinks and re-cap


    Similar to Saturday but with advanced elements
    3Will I get down-time during the No FoOol Camp?
    This isn’t a holiday, it's hard work! Nonetheless yes, there will be allocated time for you to ‘digest’ what you’ve taken in and also to relax in an appropriate and positive-stimulation environment.
    4How might I benefit more by doing the No FoOol Camp as opposed to an online course?
    Basically, our strategic programme away from the distractions of the home and regular work place, our finely-tuned team of professionals and the inspiring No FoOol Camp environment manage to unlock your potential in a very unique way. This accelerates business and personal growth faster and more profoundly than with an online course. It depends what you want.
    5Do I have to speak perfect English to work together with the No FoOol team?
    Not perfect, but your English does need to be goOod enough for you to feel comfortable.
    6If I have a problem, is it possible to approach the No FoOol trainers individually?
    Always! Yes, our trainers are approachable, down-to-earth, supportive and encouraging, whether it’s a problem or something you’re enthusing about and want to share! You can contact Annette by booking a free chat.

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