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As a communication coach, we ask the right questions, for you to discover the real you.
As a communication trainer, we show you how you can maximise this.

Would you like to see what might be holding you back?…

Let’s awaken those energies and tease out your talents so you can achieve your true potential!

Get in line

Get in line with who you really are and find out what it is you really want to communicate.


Learn to interact in the most authentic way for you personally to create empathy.


Inspire and impress with ease and without grovelling! No-one wants to be the foOol…


Truly connect with your audience! Make that impact! Be that worthy influential leader!

How can we help?

In our work together we stand by you, believe in you without judgement or bias and offer our support, motivation, strategies, skills and above all confidentiality. This way you can brand your own unique communication style, attain your exclusive goal and receive esteem and highest gain in all areas of your life.

It’s of the utmost importance to recognise that coaching and training are two entirely different methods.

Our programme is different to that run by similar organisations. Read more about how we use a blended approach, combining communication skills coaching and mindful training to achieve the most effective and longstanding results.

A Coach ...

... doesn’t need to know anything about the client’s area of expertise. In fact it’s better if they don’t! Indeed a coach may not propose any kind of steps to be taken nor utter an opinion about anything. In the true and accredited sense of the word, a Transformational Coach is there to accompany and challenge the client’s inner and emotional learning journey, letting them take full charge and responsibility for doing so.
Our coaching strictly follows the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

A Trainer, ...

... on the other hand, is knowledgeable and experienced in the area they mentor and teach. They are there to advise and pass on valuable information, strategies and skills to the client in order to upgrade the client’s competencies and potential.
Our training uses our established and proven VOICE-MIND-BODY concept and is focused entirely on you and your individual needs and wishes. You don’t buy in to a one-for-all concept with us.

It is in this powerful two-method combination of the No FoOol approach that the ‘MAGIC’ works:
potential is unlocked and phenomenal results emerge

Our Voice-Mind-Body Concept

At No FoOol we prove that the power of true charisma and high impact communication is achieved
by skilfully combining 'inner' and 'outer' communication tools:

Our personal coaching & training packages

Or we can discuss an individual plan just for you!

All above packages available online!
Communication Camps & Workshops

No FoOol Camps

Get away for Charismatic Communication and more!

  • 1 x Personal Orientation Session
  • 2.5 days of interactive and experiential communication growth
  • Accommodation, meals and drinks
  • Key Benchmarking
  • Post-Camp Evaluation
  • No FoOol Camp Certificate
  • No FoOol Camp Voucher


You may choOose between:

One-to-One benefits

Face to Face
your bespoke independent communications consultant to boost a constructive learning experience

No compromise
from presentation training to media training to body language training - the focus is purely on YOUR challenges & communication goals

Mutual trust
you can embrace your shortcomings, for example in executive speech training, without worrying about what other people think!

Time effective
ideal executive communication training for leaders - you can move ahead at YOUR pace and quickly!

book an hour, a day, or a full bespoke personal coaching & training package - time and place to suit you

Stay on track
check in on you during your communication training course, even after ‘class’

Group benefits

Team building
constructive interaction for group inspiration, communication training for staff to amplify motivation & confidence

spot communication skills potential within your team for increased performance and benefits

cross industry participants sharing know-how and experience, international communication skills training

conflict skills management and defining your communication and influence as a group - how it affects behaviour & vice-versa

hands-on techniques and practical exercises as a group

Team dynamics
group communication coaching, communication training for employees


Online benefits

learn from your own desk

schedule according to your time-zone and work load

invest the time in learning, not in travel

discover, learn and grow in a way designed to you individually

Confidence boost
arrange a short briefing session from your business communication coach just before your big meeting or presentation - this way you can tackle any challenging communication!

What people say

  • Asher H.
    Can I learn Charisma? This was my question. No FoOol teaches how Charisma is basically Presence, Authenticity and Empathy. And yes, I can learn charisma. So what is the difference between charisma training and communication training? No Fool showed me how one supports the other. If you communicate charismatically, you've basically won the game. And yes, it works!
    Asher H.
    Company Founder & CEO, Stockholm
  • Karan A.
    There are many small moments in your life that drive a big change, and I think the sessions I had with Annette and the work associated with them will be those moments that I will look back at on in a few years and say had a significant impact. NF will not only provide you the tools that you see, but will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will help you grow and achieve whatever you set out to.
    Karan A.
    Boston Consulting Group, Singapore
  • Shlomit L.
    Annette, founder of No FoOol Communication, is an extraordinary coach. Energetic yet also patient and empathetic, highly perceptive, generous and trustworthy. As a coach she's helped me communicate better with myself and learn to make better choices; as a trainer, she's helped me achieve my goals as a voice artist. If you want to invest in yourself, it's money well spent!
    Shlomit L.
    Writer, Journalist, Berlin
  • Sarah L.
    Annette seems to get me and how I’m thinking in a way most people don’t! She does challenge me a lot, but she’s really quite funny when she does this and she also makes everything really easy for me to understand.
    Sarah L.
    Executive Manager, Paris
  • Freda T.
    You proved to be the best high performance personal communication coach I could have wished to imagine. Your integrity and your ability to TRULY listen and care, but also your unique INSIDE-OUT approach. My goodness, I loved the way we looked at my core before working on the 'visibles'. Utterly invaluable. And the Voice Mind Body training tips were then like billions of big fat red cherries on top of the cake! My whole presence has adjusted for the better, my communication and presentation skills have gotten more than powerful and my colleagues - especially the men! - are suddenly holding me in noticeably higher regard. Seriously, I expected a lot from the course but never dreamed of getting quite this much. You've changed my life for the better!  Yours, Freda
    Freda T.
    Executive Consultant, Amsterdam
  • Michi W
    You are a super coach and I can’t imagine anyone better for me!
    Michi W
    Event Manager KfW, Berlin
  • Michael N.
    Totally focussed on each one of us and giving us a constant energy-feed with incredible know-how. The most effective communication coaching I’ve personally ever experienced. Very impressive indeed.
    Michael N.
    Pharmaceuticals CEO, Stuttgart
  • Maika P.
    I never got it until now! You've a way of doing things which is really different and really good!
    Maika P.
    Electronics Company Founder & CEO, London
  • Lisa V.
    I’m taking a full coaching and training package with No FoOol Communication and I really appreciate how Annette takes the time to actually get to the bottom of what I specifically stumble over. I have some experience with being coached and trained and I do value if a coach listens to me and remembers my personal objectives well rather than just dishing out their standard ‘signature’ approach. I feel that this is a much more sustainable way of working and my mind has already opened up to many more possibilities for my own career than I was expecting. This is coaching that really pays attention to you as a client and helps you discover your own solutions.
    Lisa V.
    Vanovi Design, Berlin
  • Susi W.
    You were recommended to me by an enthusiastic colleague who’d just completed an executive communication coaching and training course. I, like my colleague, often have presentations to make in English, sometimes in front of hundreds of clients, and felt I could improve my delivery. What I personally found so helpful about the coaching was the way you made me feel courageous to achieve whatever I want! And your energetic and comprehensive technical advice about my voice, body language and mindset wasn't anything I’d ever experienced before from a trainer in such a way. People have already started noticing a change in me and I'm so very grateful to you, Annette, for your continual guidance, thank you!
    Susi W.
    North Europe Sales COO, Oslo
  • Agnes E.
    I think it was an extremely good investment and am already planning a follow up session... My favourite part was that it was really tailored to me as an individual.  
    Agnes E.
    Contentful GmbH, Berlin
  • Joe T.
    Funnily enough, I always felt a bit of a 'fool' when trying to come across ‘powerfully’ and impressionably, so after finding No FoOol Communication I decided to give their course a go! ;-) I have to admit the coaching part wasn't easy but helped me find out what was going on with me behind-the-scenes - so to speak. I think it was this ‘revelation’, together with the No FoOol training that followed, that really helped change something for me. Definitely for the better. Definitely getting better results now And no longer feeling like a fool!
    Joe T.
    Start-Up Founder, Manchester
  • Karan A.
    I chose this course specifically because I was intrigued by the program’s unique approach of coaching and training. I really liked the voice, mind, body concept of tackling the inner and outer self at the same time. It was vital to strengthen my inner confidence to allow my authentic self to show more often. Throughout the course, the coaching helped reinforce the excellent training techniques that I could apply towards improving my communication and presence and drive excellent results.
    Karan A.
    Boston Consulting Group, Singapore
  • Tina W.
    Finally a coach who can truly understand business clients who have to perform as leaders in today's strange world. A coach with integrity, who understands their needs and how to help them in their presentation skills, public speaking and all-round executive leadership skills and confidence. The high performance coaching and training I did here made me aware of the real problem and proved just how much more happiness and success can be attained by improving communication skills in the No FoOol Communication way. I really would have been a fool to have missed out on this one.
    Tina W.
    Medical Aesthetics COO, Singapore
  • Penny L.
    I may be a freelance communications consultant but that sure doesn’t mean I’ve got every trick up my sleeve! One huge thank you to the No FoOol team!
    Penny L.
    Financial Executive, Dublin
  • Michi W
    I initially came to Annette wishing to just improve my voice. Then I started getting compliments at work about some presentations I did. When I told Annette this, she smiled knowingly and asked me whether I would like to improve further... which of course I did! We progressed by diving into Communication Coaching first - where I was looking at certain issues for myself - and then moved on to the Training to help me with the techniques and strategies. My success with colleagues at work has definitely improved and I also feel that it’s something substantial for the long term.
    Michi W
    Event Manager KfW, Berlin
  • Finn W.
    When I was planning to make speaking my career I was frantically looking for a genuinely good voice acting coach in Berlin who could help me. I was recommended Annette Yashpon. Having heard about her high standards I was admittedly somewhat anxious to meet her, but the moment I arrived she greeted me warmly and turned out to be one of the most fun and engaging people I’ve met so far! She’s managed to help me tremendously with my speaking/voice acting, coaching me on how to use my voice more authentically, control pitch, mood, projection and also speak in certain time frames. She even helped me get a placement at a reputed speaker agency in Berlin, which was phenomenal!
    Finn W.
    Bilingual student, Berlin
  • Cathy W.
    My 15 year old son has been in voice and communication coaching with Annette Yashpon for just 6 months and the transition has been incredible. Not only does he now know how to adapt his voice to suit the situation or script, but he has also gained the confidence to use both his voice and body language in an increasingly beneficial way in his day to day life. This is helping him to make a better impression all round. He even managed to get a placement at a very reputable speakers’ agency. I feel that Annette has a unique way of getting through to teenagers with her coaching, fuelled by her enthusiasm, constructive feedback and incredible professional know-how. My son and I are most impressed and grateful.
    Cathy W.
    Corporate Communication Coach, Berlin

Frequently asked questions

FAQs Coaching & Training

1What’s the difference between a coaching session and a training session?
In the coaching sessions you will be challenged to delve deep and find your own answers and true potential. Don’t worry - You are the one in the driver’s seat!
The outcome of these sessions determines the direction the subsequent communication training will take.
In the training sessions you will be able to enhance your knowledge and upgrade your communication skills to enable you to achieve the personal goal you set for yourself in the Coaching sessions.
Two different methods used in sync to achieve the best possible results.
2Who is the No FoOol Communication Coaching & Training suitable for?
Entrepreneurs, executives, managers, consultants, start-ups, founders, sales professionals, business developers, private individuals and anyone seriously interested in unlocking their true communication potential.
Our way of thinking is not ideal for those wishing to stay using rigid formulas they believe to work. If the methods had worked, we believe these people wouldn’t need our help!
3Do I have to speak perfect English to work together with the No FoOol team?
Not perfect, but your English does need to be good enough for you to feel comfortable.
Exceptions may be made for the Coaching & Training to take place in German or French.
4If I have a problem, is it possible to approach the No FoOol trainers individually?
Always! Yes, our trainers are approachable, down-to-earth, supportive and encouraging, whether it’s a problem or something you’re enthusing about and want to share! You can contact Annette by booking a free chat.

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